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The Ministry of Economy has prepared practical explanations for investors based on the results of the first launch meeting of Ukraine Business Compact

Following the results of the launch meeting of Ukraine Business Compact held in March 2024, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine presented practical explanations and advice for international investors. The manual was developed with the coordination and analytical support of the Tony Blair Institute, as well as experts from the KSE Institute.

The document contains answers to the key questions of investors that were raised during the Ukraine Business Compact meeting. The guide also offers general information for potential investors, as well as highlights the areas and reforms that the Government is planning or implementing to improve the business environment.

Among other things, the guide highlights the benefits of investing in Ukraine, the availability of tools and incentives to reduce risks, and also contains clarifications on the regulatory and legal environment and practical advice on doing business in Ukraine.

“Investments are the key to dynamic economic development and rapid post-war recovery. During Ukraine Business Compact, we received more than 100 questions on various topics related to investing in Ukraine. We have grouped them together and are returning to investors with consolidated answers. Our mission is to deliver practical value to investors who subscribe to UBC. The next sectoral meetings will be devoted to more detailed industry discussions and consideration of investment opportunities. We want to make the conditions for doing business in Ukraine clear to entrepreneurs from all over the world, and we hope that the guide we have developed will be useful to the private sector and will help attract more capital and technology to the national economy,” Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Volodymyr Kuzyo noted.

The task of activities within the framework of Ukrainian Business Compact is to identify the key problems faced by investors in Ukraine, as well as to offer tools to mitigate these challenges. The programme of events includes sectoral seminars on agriculture, transport and logistics, energy, critical materials, processing and green metallurgy, as well as IT and digitalization.

In the future, the Ukrainian Business Compact practical guidelines will be supplemented with additional recommendations and information that investors may need to work in Ukraine with each subsequent workshop. To register for participation in the next events of Ukrainian Business Compact and become a signatory of the compact, please visit:

To provide your recommendations regarding the content of the guide, as well as receive additional clarifications regarding investing and business conditions in Ukraine, please visit: [email protected]

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