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Ukraine Defines Strategic Objectives in Mine Action to Enhance National Recovery

Реалізація Національної стратегії з протимінної діяльності, залучення та координація міжнародної допомоги, забезпечення фінансування та технологічні інновації – стратегічні цілі України у сфері протимінної діяльності. Ці питання обговорили 17-18 квітня під час Воркшопу з координації донорів у сфері протимінної діяльності.

The implementation of the National Mine Action Strategy, engagement and coordination of international assistance, securing funding, and technological innovations – these are the strategic objectives set by Ukraine in the field of mine action. These issues were discussed during the Ukraine Mine Action Donor Coordination Workshop.

The two-day event brought together key national and international stakeholders in Kyiv to discuss and implement Ukraine’s strategic objectives in mine action. Participants emphasized the critical need for coordinated efforts to effectively clear mines and restore territories potentially contaminated with explosive remnants of war.

Comprehensive tasks and initiatives, improved coordination of international and national efforts, and the expansion and scaling of internal resources – are mandatory conditions for effectively addressing the challenges currently faced by Ukraine.

«I am deeply grateful to our partners for their support of our country: providing financial resources, equipment, expert assistance, and advocacy for mine action on the international stage. Together, we have already developed the National Strategy and are continuing to work on the operational plan to implement this strategy. We are actively seeking new opportunities to restore life in de-occupied territories and to protect our civilian population. Our partners' assistance is crucial in our ability to effectively address the challenges we face in mine action. Long-term collaboration, both at the strategic and tactical levels, is essential for our collective success», – stated Yulia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy of Ukraine. 

Joint coordinated actions at all levels and the implementation of the latest technologies and innovative solutions will allow challenges in the field of mine action to be addressed efficiently and safely.

«The need for mine action has increased to an unprecedented scale and for sure Germany will keep engaged in Ukraine. The time to commit to large scale humanitarian mine action is now and we will connect the dots with a whole of government approach in Berlin at the URC 2024», – added Luise Amtsberg, Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Assistance, Germany.

«The massive potential contamination of landmines and other explosive ordnance in Ukraine means that mine action is not only a critical endeavour now – responding to the humanitarian imperative of protecting civilians' lives and livelihoods – but also an essential part of future recovery in Ukraine. Our shared resolve to address and manage these risks is crucial to accelerate progress for Ukrainians in a safe, efficient, and effective way», – noted Ambassador Stefano Toscano, Director of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).

The increase in international support must be determined by the real tasks and needs. Ukraine, in cooperation with international partners, is actively working to create new opportunities for the sector and implement innovative solutions and technologies.

«The international community is aware of the scale of challenges in mine action. We have the opportunity to work on critically important tasks. Our work not only involves ensuring that land is being put back to productive use, but also  helping to shape up the mine action sector to be fit for the future», – stated Peter Wagner, Director, Head of the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) of the European Commission.

«With the conclusion of this workshop, an important milestone on the Road to Lausanne has been achieved. We will take forward the substantial take-aways of the discussions over the last two days and include them in the preparation of the ministerial Ukraine Mine Action Conference, taking place on 17-18 October 2024 in Lausanne, Switzerland», – said Ambassador Simon Geissbühler, Assistant State Secretary, Head of the Peace and Human Rights Division, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland. 

«Effective mine action is a whole of society endeavor, relying on national leadership and ownership, which are fundamental principles guiding the alignment and harmonization of stakeholder efforts through robust policies and strategies. The Sectoral Working Group serves as a potent governance model, enhancing national institutions, aligning programming to national priorities, and fostering collaboration. The nexus of economic revival and mine action emphasizes the urgency of our efforts and necessitates the engagement of the private sector and innovative technologies for accelerated land release. Strong information management and data reinforce our commitment, facilitating the tracking of results to inform strategy and address gaps», – said Christophoros Politis, Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme in Ukraine.

The Ukraine Mine Action Donor Coordination Workshop is one of the key events to strengthen cooperation among stakeholders. Future discussions are scheduled during the Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin (June 11-12, 2024) and the Ukraine Mine Action Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland  (October 17-18, 2024).


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