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Announcement of the competitive selection of the director for state enterprise “Fininpro"
05.11.2021 | 15:42

According to the Procedure for competitive selection of heads of economic entities of the public sector of the economy approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 03 09 2008 №777 "On competitive selection of heads of economic entities of the public sector of the economy" and the order of the State agency of infrastructure projects of Ukraine dated 19.05.2020 №57-k «On the announcement of the competition of the head of the state enterprise «Financing of infrastructural projects» competition for the position of director of the state enterprise «Financing of infrastructural projects» is announced.

Name of the enterprise: state enterprise “FININPRO” (SE «FININPRO» – short name).

Address: Ukraine, Kyiv, Khotivska street, 4a.

State enterprise “FININPRO” was founded in 2010 by the State Agency for Infrastructure Projects to implement a number of government programs aimed at solving important problems of state development and certain sectors of the economy that need state support. In order to define the statutory tasks, SE “FININPRO” provided financing for the construction of social, sports and aviation infrastructure facilities during the implementation of the measures set by the State Target Program EURO-2012. Since 2016, the company has been determined as the balance holder of airfields in the framework of the State Target Program for Airport Development and provides, in particular, financing for the construction of a new airport complex at Odessa International Airport. Also since 2019, the State Enterprise is the customer of works on the design and construction of a new runway of the International Airport in Dnipro. In order to increase the level of road safety and reduce the number of places of concentration of accidents and dangerous to traffic sections of roads, company is building road infrastructure as part of the State program to improve road safety in Ukraine until 2020. Company creates a modern and safe infrastructure for the development and functional growth of the national transport system of Ukraine.

Additional information about SE “FININPRO”: https://fininpro.com/

Potential Candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Have complete civil capacity.
  • No conflict of interests.
  • Not to belong to those who have established restrictions imposed in accordance with the Article 25 of the Law of Ukraine "On Prevention of Corruption".
  • Have no criminal record for a crime, except for the cases when such criminal record has been expunged or revoked in the manner prescribed by law (except for a rehabilitated person), or who during the last year has not been imposed an administrative penalty for committing a corruption offense.
  • Has not been convicted for a corruption offense that has entered into force or for an offense that is related to corruption.
  • Was not and is not for the last five years a founder, shareholder (participant), a manager, a member of the supervisory board, an employee or a representative of the company, or a have any significant business with any person / company to whom the Government of Ukraine has applied personal, special economic or other restrictive measures (sanctions),
  • Not to be a founder, shareholder (participant), head and / or member of the supervisory board of an enterprise, other economic organization that has an activity in the same or related markets with SE «FININPRO».
  • Professional experience:
  • Professional experience on management positions not less than five years in companies or government bodies in the areas of (but not limited to) Transportation, Logistics, Finance, Accounting and Audit, Investment, Management, Business administration, or Legal Practice, including at least 5-year experience as a top manager or an equivalent position (including but not limited to Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, General Director, Chairman or Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman or Member of the Supervisory Board (Board of Directors)).
  • Ideal candidate must have experience in reconstruction projects/ transport infrastructure projects construction.
  • Experience in optimization of financial and operational activities of the enterprise.
  • Experience in conducting high-level negotiations with clients, suppliers, financial institutions, partners, state executive or legislative bodies.
  • Impeccable reputation.
  • Education:
  • Higher education, in particular, but not limited to, in the following areas: transport, construction, management, engineering, economics, government or business administration. Ideal candidates have to have education in transportation/construction sphere.  
  • Additional higher education, MBA will be an advantage
  • Key competencies:
  • Strategic Vision – demonstration of ahead vision - a broad view of the problem, events, activities, ability to predict future significance and consequences. The ability to formulate strategic priorities and specific objectives, able to bring the organization to a new level.
  • Organizational Leadership – leader skills and administrative authority. The ability to create a clear vision of the company strategy and its development. Take care about employee’s priorities of clear company’s strategic targets awareness. To maintain confidence in the possibility of colleagues to achieve these goals.
  • Change Management – successful action under uncertainty, the ability to initiate and lead the change process, being responsible for the results of changes. To motivate employees to initiate and implement changes. Ability to overcome skepticism and refusals effectively.
  • Managerial Effectiveness – the ability to build concerted transparent management systems; the ability to manage a team under pressure of crisis, limited resources and external negative attention effectively. Project-management skills combined with the ability to manage significant number of processes simultaneously.
  • Diplomatic Wisdom – the ability to find common ground and reach a compromise, to establish constructive working relationships with various categories of target audiences: employees, suppliers, partners etc.
  • Personal characteristics:
  • The ideal Candidate should have critical thinking skills and problem-solving attitude. He/She should be able to identify and evaluate possible solutions in order to pick the one most likely to work;
  • The Candidate should have a high level of energy and working capacity, be motivated by the result and enjoy the difficulties overcoming;
  • He/She should have the ability to make decisions in difficult situations of rapid change and under external pressure;
  • He/She should have the ability to organize effective teamwork and motivate the team;
  • Communication skills: excellent listening, verbal communication, and writing skills;
  • Integrity and professional ethics, as well as zero tolerance to corruption;
  • Innovative approach
  • Languages:
  • Ukrainian fluent. English will be an advantage.

For participation in the Competitive Selection an Applicant should submit Application for participation in the Competitive Selection (in English and Ukrainian languages).

Along with the Application there should be:

  • a copy of the identity document, a copy of the employment record (if any) or documents confirming work experience*, a copy of the document on higher education;
  • biographic reference (resume) (in Ukrainian and English);
  • consent to personal data processing (in Ukrainian and English);
  • competition offer (in Ukrainian and English);
  • motivation letter on performance of the Director role (with a volume of not more than two pages,  A4 formation, Ukrainian and English).

The Applicant may submit other documents proving his or her professional and / or moral qualities.

All the documents must clearly display provided information.

The Applicant is responsible for the inaccuracy of the submitted documents.

Requirements for the competition offer:

The competition offer must be submitted in printed and / or electronic form (presentations up to 10 slides).

  • The competitive proposal, which is developed based on actual indicators of financial and economic activity may contain a draft strategic plan for the development of the enterprise for the medium term, which provides:
  • A detailed priority plan for reforming the enterprise within one year;
  • Measures for the implementation of tasks and the results of the analysis of possible risks, as well as measures to improve the technical, economic and financial indicators of the enterprise, increase its competitiveness;
  • The amount of funds deducted to budgets;
  • Proposals for attracting investments for the development of the enterprise;
  • Proposals on the expected dynamics of improvement of the main indicators of financial and economic activity;
  • Other proposals for improving the activities of the enterprise.

Respective documents are submitted till 9:00 (Kyiv time) November 22, 2021, in Ukrainian and/ English to e-mail address: [email protected] (in the subject of the letter indicate the name of the enterprise SE "FININPRO") or to the correspondence address**: 01008, Kyiv, 12/2 Hrushevskoho M. str, Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

Phone number for reference: +38 044 200-47-73*3244, *3241,*3216

The results of the selection will be published on the official website of the Ministry of Economic of Ukraine in accordance with the Procedure for competitive selection of heads of economic entities of the public sector of the economy, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated September 3, 2008 № 777 "On competitive selection of heads of economic entities of the public sector of the economy ".

Information on financial and economic status

* Such a document can be:

  • HR certificate/reference;
  • tax declaration (from a state authority);
  • reference letter of the supervisor;
  • labour contracts;
  • other documents.

In the case when a document includes confidential or commercial information, or not-for-disclosure data, please make sure it is excluded.

** In case of sending documents in paper form to a postal address, please confirm such sending by e-mail or telephone.