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The Ministry of Economy presented 95 investment projects worth over $27 billion during the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 in Berlin

The Ministry of Economy of Ukraine introduced the Ukraine Investment Guide at the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 in Berlin. This guide offers valuable insights for investors, experts, and researchers interested in economic policies, reconstruction efforts, and investment activities in Ukraine. 

The investment guide was prepared in cooperation with the KSE Institute and with the support of consultants from the Big Four. The Guide emphasizes the government's priority sectors, focusing on developing the processing industry to address export logistics bottlenecks and increase added value. It provides a detailed overview of key sectors such as energy, infrastructure, agrifood, green steel, pharmacy and medicine, critical materials, and IT, along with examples of investment projects within these sectors. The guide also provides a detailed overview of the investment landscape in Ukraine.

The document also includes 95 investment projects worth more than $27 billion. The guide includes projects in different sectors of the economy, representing different companies (in terms of size, ownership and activity). It should be noted that many projects currently require further development. Therefore, the Government is working on launching a Project Preparation Facility to increase the number of bankable projects.

«To catch up with EU countries in terms of GDP per capita, Ukraine needs investments or technology transfers of $10-30 billion per year over the next decade. War is not an embargo on investment. In 2023, foreign investors contributed $4.25 billion to Ukraine's economy, exceeding the amounts from 2016-2017. We must continue to increase this figure», noted Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

Investing in Ukraine now is strategically beneficial due to several factors. International financial aid and co-financing mechanisms with IFIs and DFIs support private investments. Favourable global trends like decarbonisation and European integration, coupled with extensive reconstruction needs in infrastructure, energy and agriculture, present significant opportunities. Reconstruction with international support will be a driver of Ukraine's economic growth, providing potential for high returns. Additionally, Ukraine's progress toward EU accession aligns its standards with the European market, enhancing investment prospects.

«We acknowledge the challenges and risks associated with investing in Ukraine during the war, which is why, together with our partners, we strive to support investors through effective measures and incentives. These include guarantees from the Ukraine Facility, G7 countries, war risk insurance, targeted state support programs, deregulation, tax incentives, and affordable financing. We invite investors to join us on this transformational journey towards a sustainable and prosperous future for Ukraine, contributing to the country's recovery and economic growth while reaping the dividends from it», stated Volodymyr Kuzyo, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government actively supports investors by improving business cases through analysis by specialised working groups. In addition, the government assists in project preparation by providing the necessary data and working with experts to conduct preliminary research, make investment decisions and attract financing. To attract potential investment partners, Ukraine is establishing recovery and development initiatives with international financial institutions and insurance companies to facilitate access to finance and reduce investment risks. In addition, Ukraine offers various incentives for large investments, including tax and customs benefits, subsidies, and simplified access to infrastructure and utilities. The government is ready to provide detailed information on these incentives and help investors maximise their benefits.

You can find the full text of the Ukraine Investment Guide on the official site of the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 via the following link:

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