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Form of request for public information

of request for public information

Information holder Ministry of Economy of Ukraine
Requesting person _________________________________________________________________________________
  (surname, name and patronymic name – for individuals, company’s name, surname, name and patronymic name of company’s representative – for legal entities and associations of citizens having no status of legal entity)
  (postal and/or e-mail address, phone number)


             According to the Law of Ukraine On Public Information Access, please provide us

(general description of information, or document type, title, details and contents)

The requested information shall be provided within the legally prescribed period (specify as necessary):

at postal address __________________________________________________________________
  (zip code, region, district, city/town/village, street, house, building, apartment)
at e-mail address __________________________________________________________________
by fax __________________________________________________________________
by phone __________________________________________________________________
Phone number __________________________________________________________________
_________________                                                                    __________________________
(date)                       (signature)


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