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The priority area of activity of the Ministry is fighting corruption. Within the scope of each reform we are trying to implement the principles of transparency, efficiency and public disclosure – anything to make the space for corruption as small as possible.
Reducing the administrative burden on business through deregulation we are cancelling regulatory restrictions. Each of the said restrictions entailed risks of corruption and inefficiency of some procedures expressly encouraged corruption. Canceling each license, each certificate, monitoring, expert examination and other limitations we are closing the possibility of corruptive actions and give businesses the opportunity to work fairly and openly.

In February the Minister Aivaras Abromavičius headed the official investigation regarding activity of the senior officials of the State Fiscal Service (SFS), which led to a change in leadership of this body, and on 18 of March, 2015 on the proposal of the Ministry the Government decided on liquidation of the monopolistic position of the State Enterprise “Ukrekonomresursy” Ukrainian business complained on, because such monopolistic position promoted corruption.
While reforming public companies the Ministry for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine has introduced publication of financial statements and other information on performance by these companies, so that their true owner – Ukrainian people could know how the state-owned enterprises operate. Based on these data, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has published the first annual review of the 100 largest public companies in the country. In addition, the procedure for appointment of heads of such companies has been changed to transparent. Now the leadership of public companies is elected with the assistance of independent international experts.

Another area of activity in order to reduce corruption is public procurement reform. The Ministry is working on the transition to the system of electronic procurements, which is not only going to make the purchase of goods and services by the state transparent, but also to increase competition in this market, which will lead to cost savings. In particular, the Ministry has transferred the entire archive of previous public procurements to a number of non-governmental organizations fighting corruption, such as the Center for Combating Corruption and Transparency International Ukraine.
The Ministry in constantly in touch with businesses, activists, non-governmental organizations which are monitoring activities of the Ministry and assisting to recognise corruption risks. We, in turn, are actively working to make the space for corruption smaller.

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