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The Forecast of Economic and Social Development of Ukraine for 2019-2021 years

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved the outlook for the economic and social development of Ukraine for 2019-2021 with its Executive Order 546 On Approval Of Outlook For Economic And Social Development Of Ukraine For 2019-2021.

The outlook for the economic and social development of Ukraine for 2019-2021 (hereinafter the Outlook) has been drafted by the Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine with the participation of concerned central executive bodies.

The document aims to determine possible scenarios of development of the Ukrainian economy in 2019-2021 as well as quantitative targets for implementation of such scenarios as a ground for adoption of managerial decisions.

The Outlook envisages three scenarios and is based on the analysis of the economy development in the last three years, current economic situation, assumptions taking into consideration external and domestic aspects.

Parameters from one of the scenarios (scenario 1 suggested) will be used during elaboration of a draft state budget of Ukraine for 2019 and the Outlook for the State Budgets of Ukraine for 2020 and 2021. Besides, the parameters will also be applied in other program and pro forma documents.

The Outlook is also based on the provisions of a number of major strategic documents, in particular, mid-term priorities plan of the Government until 2020 and a number of other sectorial strategic programs, in particular, Export Strategy: Roadmap of Strategic Development of Trade in 2017-2021, Poverty Combating Strategy, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Strategy until 2020, etc. Besides, given the fact that Ukraine joined the global process for sustainable development, the Outlook reflects the progress Ukraine is likely to achieve under the goal indicators 8 and 9 of the National Report entitled Sustainable Development Goals: Ukraine within different development scenarios.

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