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26 june 2018 meeting of the Сommittee on trade facilitation

In Geneva, Switzerland, on 26 June 2018, an official meeting of the WTO Trade Facilitation Committee (hereinafter – the Committee) was held and attended by representative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

According to agenda of the Committee’s meeting, its members considered notifications of WTO members submitted in accordance with the requirements of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement).

Participants of the Committee’s meeting considered, in particular, notification of Ukraine G/TFA/N/UKR/1/Add.1 dated 22.05.2018 submitted in accordance with Article 16 of the Agreement on the implementation of separate provisions of the Agreement by categories В and С.

Participants of the Committee’s meeting considered information of the USA delegation on the importance of the implementation of Article 2 of the Agreement regarding the possibility to provide comments, inform prior to entry into force on the proposed new laws or amendments to existing laws as well as provide regular consultations. Participants of the meeting supported the USA statement, emphasizing, in particular, that the implementation of the above provisions will help not only large companies, but also small and medium business.

Delegation of the United States of America, according to Article 22 of the Agreement, informed participants of the Committee’s meeting on the support and assistance for capacity building provided to other countries in 2016.

The participants of the Committee’s meeting paid a considerable attention to sharing the problematic issues related to the implementation of certain provisions of the Agreement, expressed their will to continue reviewing the technical assistance programs aimed at support and development of members’ potential, as well as cooperation with donor organisations.

The WTO Secretariat informed on the accession of the Republic of Uganda to the Agreement in June 2018, the number of submitted by WTO members notifications of the provisions of the Agreement by categories А, В and С, provided infographics for already implemented provisions of the Agreement, as well as those requiring technical assistance and determined as the most difficult for implementation.

For reference. The WTO Trade Facilitation Committee is a body of the WTO system, which key task is to monitor the compliance with the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, to develop the procedure for sharing information and best practices between WTO members, to ensure receipt of best available recommendations from international trade organisations as to implementation and administration of the Agreement, to support and discuss certain matters under the Agreement to promptly achieve a mutually beneficial solution.

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