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Director of the Department

CHERNYKH Oleksandr

(044) 200-45-28

Deputy Director of the Department – Head of the Division


(044) 200-44-70


(044) 596-67-60

General contacts of the Department

For information

(044) 200-47-73*37-16

Main tasks of the department include:

formation and implementation of the state industrial policy, determination of priority directions of development of the industry, scientific and technical capacity of industrial sector of economy and improvement of the mechanism of state regulation of the industrial sector of economy;

methodological support and preparing of national supply and demand balances for major types of industrial products, food and fuel and energy resources;

making settlements and monitoring of food safety indicators;

creating the conditions for development and production of modern competitive products based on the use of new high-tech technologies, equipment, materials, information support;

participation in the formation and implementation of state policy in the area of economic competition and restriction of monopoly, promoting the development of competitive relations;

development of state policy measures aimed at an increase in the efficiency of operation of the domestic market of Ukraine, increasing a share of domestic products in the aggregate supply of goods and services in the domestic market;

conducting an analysis of the efficiency of foreign trade in industrial products, taking into account market developments in the world market, development of recommendations for respective industries as to foreign economic relations;

participation in the implementation of state policy in the area of energy saving and efficient use of energy resources in the industry concerning:

- approval of sectoral energy efficiency programs in the industrial sector of economy;

- legal regulation in the area of energy saving and efficient use of energy resources;

- implementation of the measures to promote the economic, environmental and social benefits of efficient use of fuel and energy resources;

formation of the state policy on price control;

formation and implementation of state pricing policy;

participation in the state regulation of prices (tariffs) for products, goods and services and coordination of activities of central and local executive authorities on the aforementioned issues;

approval of prices (tariffs) in cases stipulated by the law;

methodological support of the work of the bodies responsible for state control over prices (tariffs);

legal cancellation of prices (tariffs) established in violation of the law;

making the proposals as to the list of goods, which price is subject to state supervision in the area of pricing;

exercising the authorities of a rule-making body in the area of construction.