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Main tasks of the department include:

  • ensuring the formation and implementation of state policy in the area of intellectual property;
  • summarizing and analyzing the experience of foreign countries, development and submission of the proposal for the improvement and harmonization of national legislation with the international treaties which Ukraine is or intends to be a party to;
  • ensuring the implementation of international cooperation in the area of intellectual property with respective authorities of other states as well as representation and participation of Ukraine in the activities of international (in particular, the World Intellectual Property Organization), European and other regional organizations in the area of intellectual property;
  • coordination of cooperation with the EU and the EU Member States in the area of intellectual property, in particular in terms of Ukraine’s commitments under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement and enforcement of intellectual property commitments assumed by Ukraine within the framework of its membership in the World Trade Organization;
  • organization of expert examination of applications for intellectual property (hereinafter referred to as the IP) and issuance of patents/certificates for IP, determining competent institutions which will conduct an expert examination of applications for IP and entrusting them to conduct such expert examination;
  • ensuring the implementation of state registration of IP, registration of agreements on the transfer of IP titles and licensing agreements, provision of administrative services in the area of intellectual property, maintenance of state registers of IP, organization of issuance of official bulletins on the issues of intellectual property;
  • provision of reproducers, importers and exporters of samples containing intellectual property and related rights with the control marks and maintenance of the Unified Register of Control Marks Recipients;
  • organization of the interaction between executive authorities on the issues of legalization of unlicensed samples of computer programs in the executive authorities;
  • record keeping of collective management organizations (hereinafter referred to as the CMO), which operate on the basis of certificates, until these certificates expire, as well as registration and accreditation of CMO, granting of methodological assistance thereto and exercising control over their activities;
  • development of minimum rates, as well as temporary remuneration rates (deductions) for the use of copyright items and (or) related rights;
  • state supervision (control) over adherence by business entities, regardless of ownership form, to the requirements of the Laws of Ukraine On Copyright and Related Rights, On Distribution of Copies of Audiovisual Works, Phonograms, Videograms, Computer Programs, Databases and On Peculiarities of State Regulation of Activity of Business Entities Related to Production, Export, Import of Disks for Laser Reading Systems;

organizational, informational and logistical support of the Chamber of Appeals (which examines the objections against decisions of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and applications for recognition of signs in Ukraine), the Commission for the approval of issues related to putting designations containing the official name of the state “Ukraine” on the mark for goods and services, the Attestation Commission and the Appellate Commission (which examine the applications of candidates for patent attorneys and complaints against actions of patent attorneys).