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Print Investment projects and development assistance department

Director of the Department


(044) 596-68-05

Deputy Director of the Department – Head of the Division


(044) 200-47-35


(044) 200-47-73*3661

General contacts of the Department

For information

(044) 200-47-37 hvb@me.gov.ua (EU projects)

(044) 200-47-34 voynova@me.gov.ua (international organizations projects)

(044) 200-47-41 voskovnyk@me.gov.ua (donor countries projects)

(044) 596-68-26  o_shvets@me.gov.ua (government investment projects)

(044) 200-47-73*3678  ikorzhenko@me.gov.ua (projects of international financial organizations)

Main tasks of the department include:

  1. ensuring the formation and implementation of state policy in the area of state investments, including:

development of draft regulatory and legal acts as well as methodical recommendations for each phase of project cycle: initiation, preparation, economic analysis, expert examination of investment projects, selection of state investment projects funded from the state budget (state capital investments) or loans borrowed by the state, internal and external monitoring of the status of development and implementation of projects;

organizational and informational support of the meetings of the Inter-Agency Commission for state investment projects, elaboration of state investment projects and preparation of information about each project for their participation in the selection, formation of the list of state investment projects selected by this commission and posted at the official website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine;

annual preparing of the proposals as to allocation of total amount of state capital investments for development and implementation of projects among main spending units on the basis of the selection of state investment projects, as well as reallocation thereof based on monitoring results;

monitoring, generalization and disclosure of information on the status of development and implementation of state investment projects;

  1. assessment of the economic efficiency of investment projects that may require state support for their implementation (state guarantee, co-financing on a reversal basis, partial reimbursement of loan interest);
  2. coordination of measures for the preparation and support of the implementation of investment projects supported by international financial organizations or funded by foreign countries, as well as international technical assistance projects, including EU external assistance mechanisms and instruments necessary for the preparation and management of investment projects implementation, activities within the framework of the work of the Foundation for Eastern European Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P);
  3. ensuring the formation and implementation of state policy in the area of international technical assistance (ITA) of donor countries, international organizations and the EU, which includes:

development of draft regulatory and legal acts, in particular regarding initiation, registration and monitoring of ITA projects, formation of strategic programs for ITA, relevant texts of international agreements with donors;

coordination of the work and activities related to ITA, interaction with the OECD, including organizational and analytical support for the activities of the National Coordinator for technical assistance;

conducting expert examination and approval of the requests for ITA;

conducting state registration/re-registration of ITA projects (programs) in Ukraine, which is the basis for the accreditation of implementing bodies, as well as exercising the right to receive benefits, privileges and immunities provided for by the law, and maintaining of respective register, as well as the register of programs of sectoral budget support of the EU;

accreditation of foreign organizations implementing ITA projects (programs) in Ukraine;

registration of representative offices of donor institutions in Ukraine;

monitoring of the implementation of registered ITA projects (programs);

fulfilling the function of the National Agency for Management of Joint Operational Programs for Border Cooperation of the European Neighborhood Instrument 2014-2020.